January 20th, 2017

Lera Netesa | portraits by carol

Few months ago, I wrote a status on my facebook that I was looking for two couples who are based in bali to help me be in my first profile video for my youtube channel that was taken by my dearest friend Harris syn.
In only seconds, I got tons of messages in my inbox. Kinda overwhelmed yet happy to know that there are so many beautiful people who wants to help though it's only two days before the day I needed.
I sorted all the messages to find which couple who's currently here with me in bali so I wont make people give huge effort for only one hour of session. So grateful that I found two couples that happened to be my friends too and one of those is Lera and his boyfriend Jan.
I knew her from years ago, and we've been in the same job for several times before. well, I actually didn't feel comfort to shoot models or fashion lookbook but everytime people give her as my model, I lost my pressure with the wind. She acted like a normal girl, we often talked about books and philosophy, and she's the one who made me relaxed all the times.
Call me lucky that she was here in Bali at that time, only few weeks before she hiked the Himalayas with her bf.
So that's my happy story from last year that I made it to my first post of the year.

much love,

make up artist : Blenda Jonathan
hand bouquet : Mimsy botanical
Dress : Paulina Katarina
all films scanned and developed by : Artisan labs