August 8th, 2016

tessy igor | bali portrait session by evans

Never crossed my mind to meet and especially to get the chance photographing my teenhood idol. Igor is a well known rapper when I was in High School, I still can sing all of his legendary songs until today.

So, it was a sunny day in my home when carol asked me to join her meeting her friends in her house.

I came there without expecting anything, but then there are Guntur, Tessy, and her husband Igor or what we know, Saykoji.

We decided to go to the beach to take some family portraits (without the kids) and as a part of their wedding anniversary few weeks ago. Only less than 2 hours as I rememberes, but the stories they shared were really got us inspired. A journey of a married couple with two beautiful children is really something!

Such an honor meeting these wise and humble guys. Thank you for inspiring us, and thank you for the love!

With love,

film shooter : Carol kuntjoro