April 26th, 2015

malvava | boudoir session by carol

Boudoir session is not merely about being naked in front of camera.

It has a deeper meaning and a thoughtful purpose.

Boudoir session for me, is about being in love (again) with yourself. let the photographer whoever he/she capturing the beauty out of you in the most natural condition and to make you see the best part of you that might never seen before. It’s about peeling the shining pieces of you, it’s about showing you that you are beautiful, you are precious.


I often read some quotes which wrote that you can’t really love someone before you’re able to love yourself since it’s the basic level of loving. Well, I’m not a relationship specialist but I’ve been in a condition which I hate being me. I used to hate all the parts of my body, I often felt ugly, I didn’t do hair styling for years, I wore one piece of ugly dress from getting up to my bedtime, never brush my hair, never put any make up on, and refused to be captured on photos.


On that moment as well, I felt the plainness between me and my husband. No problem between us, but no passion either. Well, that was the hardest part of our relationship back then.


Until someday, I learned from the success old couple who has their marriage over 50 years but still as romantic as a new dating couple. The wife told me that from the very first day of their marriage, she commited herself to always looks best for her husband. She told me that the more she took care of herself, the more her husband shows special attitudes toward her, and the more he treats her well, the more she motivated herself to be better. It made some sort of cycle that keeps going until today.


However, if you’re not about to get married soon, let’s talk about life. The more you love yourself, the more you can love life, and I do believe that whatever you throw in this universe will get back to you, even bigger.


I can’t thank you enough to this talented ingenue, Malva for letting me take some boudoir sessions of her in our spare time. I always been a big fan of her for every make up she's done to my clients on their wedding day and I finally got this chance to shoot her in her personal mood.



forever grateful,





lingerie by : boudoir line



p.s. : this is a part of my #ingenuecelebration project on instagram