June 6th, 2017

novi jey | melbourne anniversary by evans

It's my first time visiting Melbourne, and it's my fourth time actually, being their photographer. Isn't it amazing to see how love can grow trough times?

FYI : None of the scene above taken while sober. Just so you know we're having so much fun at this anniversary session. So Carol stayed with them the whole week and suddenly she decided to crash the sessions as well. We're all full teamed along with Dharta, Carol's little brother and their friend and we're all very relaxed through the whole session.

I couldn't be more grateful for this oportunity, to have fun with my favorite people again, finally, in the cold weather of Aussie. What a blessing!



February 16th, 2017

helen alvet | belitong engagement by carol

As a form of my support to my favorit governor on earth, Mr. Ahok, here's some pictures of the land this legend was born. and every people I met there always told me how much they love their former leader.

My biggest gratitude to Helen and Alvet, this beautiful couple for taking me to this land of rainbows and for having a really good time there. And here's a special thanks to Helen whom I know how she hates insects and dirts and still agreed to pose in the middle of a random lawn we found there. You really are a humble princess, please note that!

I'm forever grateful,




make up by : metha's art